Hello, am I the photographer you are looking for?

Families are messy. In amongst the mess is a whole lot of love, sweat, and tears. I try to capture this with my camera. I want the love, the joy, and the connection. I also want the unguarded not so picture-perfect moments. I like chaos. I like movement, noise, and emotion. I believe one day you will want a record of what life looked like for you and your family at this point in time.

Just to be sure you understand me and my more contemporary photography style: If you are looking for studio-like images with crisp matching outfits, forced grins, and photoshopped white teeth, I'm not your photographer.

If you choose me, thank you. I can do outdoor and at-home photography sessions. I can do a traditional one-hour session at a location of your choice, or, we can spend a day together at home, an event, or a special place to document all kinds of crazy, beautiful, and awkward moments.

If you are interested in paying-it-forward please mention this when you inquire. For every paid photo session, I will donate a free session to a family who is served by a non-profit organization in our region. Some families do not have the means to afford family portraits. I believe every family needs a family photo, regardless of circumstance. To read more visit my Positive Light page.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every one hundredth of a second”