You are booking a Lifestyle Photography session

which means movement, laughter, playful kids, energetic pets, jostling siblings, etc.

Perfection is not the goal. Perfect makes for pretty boring photos.

Sessions are fun, and, if you allow yourself to relax, relaxed.  I will offer some help with posing, but I also want your family

to be your family.

If your child comes to the session grumpy (which happens all the time) we can often turn it around. But if not, then you have true memories of your family for that day. 

I start the session with the whole family, and then move on to babies (whether they be newborns, toddlers, tweens or teens). Then we do more family, family combinations, and individual portraits. I take candids throughout the session. I may ask you to sit in the grass, on a log, walk in the middle of the road (during road closures), or run across a field. Depending on the season, your butts may get damp. You may also have to walk to nearby locations for background, lighting changes, and variety.

Preparing For Your Session.

Try to have the whole family rested before your session (that includes you Mom). Come ready to enjoy yourself. Let me know if you’re bringing a pet.

Bring easy-access snacks for little ones. Toddlers get hangry, so it’s great to have something on hand. For little ones, bring clean-up wipes, diapers, or pull-ups, just in case. You may want to pack some extra clothes or layers, in case of spills or chills. I usually carry bug spray with me for those mid-summer sessions, but if you have a preferred kind, bring it. Don’t forget any props you want: a stuffed toy, a special book, a family quilt, or anything special to your family.

If you have a teenager (s), I expect sullen faces and lots of brooding. We can attempt to break them down (it can happen), but stay positive and don't stress too much if they give you attitude before the session.

I have a 15 yr old. I get it.

What do we wear?

Be comfortable.

Avoid completely matchy-matchy outfits (looking the same)

Avoid neon colors, logos and sports team jerseys.

Avoid all white, all black or lots of black on white.

Avoid wearing extreme colors (such as white, black, and red).

Try different hues of the same color, or different patterns of the same color(s).

Neutral colors work well and do not date as quickly

Visit Pinterest if you are struggling!

Covid Safety

I am fully vaccinated and double boostered. I will happily wear a mask indoors, and outdoors if you want me too. Just ask.

If the Client and or Client family members attending the photo session have tested positive for Covid-19 three days prior to the photo shoot, or are showing a fever and symptoms of Covid-19, or have been exposed to a person with Covid-19, the shoot must and will be canceled. If I have Covid I will cancel the photo session. I test regularly.

What happens if there is bad weather?

In the event of rain during a scheduled outdoor session we will reschedule for a different date.

What if I need to reschedule?

I know that people get sick, and life happens. I appreciate 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule.

How many pictures do you take?

I take many, many pictures. When I prepare your gallery I remove the over or underexposed images (which happens as I am constantly changing my camera settings and lenses). But then you get all the others. In a regular one hour photoshoot you will receive approx 70+ images.

When do I get my images?

I take 10 days to send you the gallery of images.

Fleur Louise Photography (FLP) retains copyright to all images created during the Client session. FLP has permission to publish images from all Client sessions for purposes of advertising, marketing and promotion of FLP using any medium, including website, social media photography Facebook account and Instagram. Photographs shall be made available to Client via an online gallery.  Credit must be given to Fleur Louise Photography.

Client images are uploaded to Photographers computer Lightroom program and hard drive backup system, and to Fleur Louise Photography (FLP) website. The photographer is not responsible for damage to the digital files due to circumstances beyond control of FLP. The client is responsible for themselves and their family during the photo session. Fleur Louise Photography (FLP) is not responsible for any injuries that occur to the Client and family members during the photo session.

In the event of emergency or illness of Fleur Louise Photography (FLP) at the time of the scheduled shoot, FLP will make every effort to reschedule the shoot at Clients convenience.Fleur Louise Photography (FLP) is not responsible for damages to any images after delivery to Client.