Three Days in October 2020

I took my camera with me everywhere for three days in October, to try and capture my piece of America at this moment in time. On October 29, 30 and 31 (three days before the Election), life in the US felt heavy, even unhinged but there was a touch of hope. Thank you to all the people who agreed to have their photo taken, including the essential workers and the family whose father died from COVID-19. All the photos were taken within 30 mins of my home.

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Neighborhood Pandemic Portriats

In April 2020, as the realities of COVID-19 settled in, I sent an email to our neighborhood listserv requesting families for 'Porch Portraits'. I wanted to capture families as they adjusted to staying-at-home. I had recently lost my job as Development Director for a non-profit, and needed something to do. I photographed 17 neighborhood families. Photo sessions were free-of-charge, with some folks offering to make a donation to a charity of my choice (awesome idea). All photo sessions were approx. 20 minutes, taken from 6+ plus feet away using a 50mm, 85mm or 105mm. I wore a mask. Below are some of my favorite images including some fun socially distant activities (birthday parades are awesome). I seriously love our neighborhood.

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