I am a 2020 approved member of the Family Photojournalist Association and the Lifestyle Photographers Association. I work part-time with Bella Baby Photography at a regional hospital capturing the first hours of baby's life. 

​I am originally from Perth, Western Australia. I currently live just outside of Washington D.C. with my husband and two children (and I miss living by the ocean). I have lived in many different places -- that's the short story. In 2015, when my children were finally out of diapers, I took a breath and picked up my husband's Nikon D90 and began, slowly, teaching myself manual photography. I fell in love and dived right in. My day job is development and grant-writing for non-profit organizations. I have married these two professions into Positive Light, a photography service for non-profits to help capture their clients with dignity, in a 'positive light'. I believe family lifestyle photography should be available to everyone, not just those who like to wear coordinated designer outfits and have a lot of wall space.

I am always learning and trying to improve my technical skills. I am extremely excited to be taking part in the three month program Quietly Loud, lead by Felicia Chang and Kristine Nyborg. I use a Nikon D810 and 35mm1.4, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8 and 105mm F2.

I have a strong Australian accent. I will defer to using Australian phrases and slang. Don't be afraid to ask me "What did you say?". My husband does this all the time.


“Fleur is delightful and talented! She has a keen eye for the beauty of the surroundings and takes a diverse set of photos to capture the moments - we received many beautiful natural photos of our family and gorgeous posed shots as well. She captured the essence of my daughter perfectly even only having met her for 3 minutes. She was efficient and the collaboration was easy and fun. Especially given the pandemic, I found it really helpful that we could manage distance well and still have a session that was”

“Oh! These are so adorable! You totally made my day, Fleur! Thanks so much. I have been wanting to do something like this for ages, but just haven't had the means. These are so incredible for my family!”

“Fleur, these are stunning! Thank you so much! Bobby and I just looked through them and I have tears in my eyes seeing our precious little babes captured so perfectly"

“Wow Fleur, your photography is fantastic... I just love your perspective and how you capture these seemingly ordinary moments and preserve them in time.”

“Member of the Family Photojournalist Association”

“Member of the Lifestyle Photographers Association.”

“Published in photography magazine 'This Detailed Life', June 2020.”