"It is the absurdity of family life,

the raggedness of it, that is once its redemption and its true nobility. It is that raggedness that binds us, and we must not allow it to slip away. Life's not a perfect thing. It is a raggedy funky experience, full of awful timing, sisters who tattletale, brothers who tease, horrid songs by distant old relatives, dads with bad breath, moms who eat leftovers, smelly old grandpas led to the bathroom by young charges, alcoholic aunts, cigarette-fouled rooms, pissed off wives, boys with pockets full of string, laughing cousins, papas who pass away, old people who die slowly, and dogs who poop on the living room floor." James McBride.

The above quote is taken from the book 'FAMILY Moments Intimacy Laughter Kinship' . The book was given to me by my sister, on my wedding day (inscribed message below). I cherish the book. The images still take my breath away and resonate deeply within me. I can't explain why. I am on a personal and professional journey to learn how to see, and photograph, your human, raggedy, love-filled moments.